What’s the difference between HBO Max and HBO NOW?

11 new and returning Netflix shows you might have missed in spring 2020 11 new and returning Netflix shows you might have missed in spring 2020 by Bryce Olin HBO Max vs. HBO Now: What’s the difference? We break it down. HBO Max just launched last week, and people are still trying to figure out the differences between the different offerings from HBO. Below, we shared the difference between the two streaming services. HBO Max is the newest platform that offers 10,000 hours of premium content

5 new Hulu movies to watch in June 2020

Hannah Gadsby proves she’s one of the greats with new Netflix special, Douglas Hannah Gadsby proves she’s one of the greats with new Netflix special, Douglas by Michael Bibbins More than 60 new Hulu movies and shows added on June 1 More than 60 new Hulu movies and shows added on June 1 by Bryce Olin Here’s a list of 5 new Hulu movies to watch in June 2020 Happy June! Hulu has some new movies for you to watch this month. The streaming network is releasing a variety of new movies for June. T

5 good Netflix shows to watch this weekend: Space Force and more

We’ve got the top 5 Netflix shows for you to watch this weekend Another weekend in the house, so what is there to watch? Netflix offers a variety of shows with at least one of them that is sure to please. From crime and abuse in Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich to animated Avatar: The Last Airbender, there is bound to be something that will spark your interest. Here are our top five picks. This one will not be for the faint at heart. Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich is based on actual events surround

HBO Max acquires streaming rights for Young Sheldon

HBO Max has received the exclusive rights for the streaming of Young Sheldon The new streaming service HBO Max had its release this week along with its vast list of choices that already included the entire The Big Bang Theory catalog. Today they announced they would also have secured the exclusive rights to stream the spin-off series, Young Sheldon. For those who have never watched either of the series, this is a great time to get introduced to the whole story of Sheldon Cooper. And, for those

Tom Payne shares a glimpse into his at home workouts

Actor Tom Payne has had to make many adjustments to his professional as well as his personal life due to Los Angeles’ safer-at-home orders. He was working on the filming of his latest project Prodigal Son, but that had halted during the COVID-19 pandemic. In April, Warner Brothers decided to make the season finale episode 20 instead of the planned episode 22 since filming had to be cut short. Then on May 21, to the delight of its fans, the series was renewed for a second season. Payne takes a s

5 best TV shows to watch on HBO Max at launch

Friends and the five best TV shows to watch on HBO Max right now To help you find the best shows to watch on HBO Max, we shared a list of the five best TV shows to watch on launch day! After a long wait, HBO Max went live today, May 27. The new streaming service is offering a week-long free trial to check out what they have to offer. After the trial period, the monthly fee is $15. HBO Max includes everything available on regular HBO but also consists of a variety of other choices exclusive to

Netflix’s The Willoughbys racks up huge viewing numbers

The Willoughbys has been watched by 37.6 million households in the first month on Netflix The Willoughbys was released on April 22 on Netflix and one month later it has been view by 37.6 million households. This film is the second original release by Netflix’s animation division that focuses on family content. Klaus, the first animated film from this division, had a record number of 30 million household views in its first month. Variety reports that nearly 38 million individual households watc

Anberlin to host full-band live stream

Anberlin will be giving us a full-band live stream on Sunday, May 24 Anberlin was scheduled to go on tour this summer. The kick off should have been on July 10th, but due to the COVID-19 precautions the tour has been postponed. But, the band is giving us a first ever FULL BAND live stream to ease our disappointment. You can purchase tickets and merch here: https://anberlinmerch.com/ You can purchase access to the event or there are great add-ons such as t-shirts, bags, even an Anberlin mask to

The Walking Dead: 5 moments that transformed Carol

The Walking Dead’s Carol Peletier is an original character from season 1, and she has experienced some major transformation since then. At the beginning of The Walking Dead, when Carol Peletier is first introduced, she and her family are traveling with our original Atlanta group. Throughout the series, Carol endured many moments that transformed her from a beaten-down woman to a fantastic leader who isn’t afraid to take chances to keep her group safe. In season 1, Carol is a beaten down shell

5 good animated Netflix movies and shows to watch right now

Avatar: The Last Airbender tops the list of good animated movies and shows on Netflix It is easy to find family-friendly selections on Netflix, which is excellent since many of you are stuck at home with the kids. To help you find something to watch and stop watching the same movies and shows over and over, we put together a list of five good animated movies and shows to watch on Netflix right now. Let’s get the list started with a new addition to Netflix, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Currentl

Kelsy Karter covers Machine Gun Kelly

Check out this amazing Machine Gun Kelly cover by Kelsy Karter. Kelsy Karter has an amazing voice and stage presence. During our COVID quarantine she has given us some great content. Her most recent release, “Devil on my Shoulder” is an amazing song with excellent lyrics. I swore I’d never dance with you again Keep safe from the devil on my shoulder But you, know me so well And you, drag me to hell I can’t keep safe from the devil on my- Keep safe from the devil on my shoulder. I love the off

Netflix movies: Charlize Theron stars in action thriller, The Old Guard

The Lovebirds starring Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani is coming to Netflix tonight by Sandy C. Watch the trailer for Netflix’s The Old Guard starring Charlize Theron Netflix just shared the trailer for a new action film, The Old Guard, coming to the streaming service on July 10. Charlize Theron stars in the Netflix movie as an immortal mercenary. From the trailer for The Old Guard, we can see Andromache of Scythia, aka Andy (Theron), and her group of immortals get gunned down only to stand up

Meet members of The Walking Dead cast at GalaxyCon Live

Members of The Walking Dead cast will be on a live-streamed Q&A for Galaxycon Live on May 22. With the current situation we all find ourselves in, a lot of our cons and events have had to cancel or postpone. Some events have gotten very creative and are hosting live-streamed events that are proving to be a lot of fun. GalaxyCon is one of the events which has gotten very creative with its event. On May 22, The Walking Dead fans will get a treat as Cooper Andrews (Jerry), Pollyanna McIntosh (Jadi

Disney Plus announces Muppets Now series release date: July 2020

Disney’s new series, Muppets Now, is coming to Disney Plus on July 31, 2020 Muppets Now, a new Disney Plus original series, is coming to the streaming service on July 31, 2020. Who doesn’t love the Muppets? You either grew up watching the original show and films or have been introduced to them by your parents or grandparents. And, if you don’t know about the Muppets, you are sure to learn soon. After a bunch of great new releases coming to Disney Plus in June, Disney Plus will release six epi

Eurovision Song Contest: Netflix releases amazing new teaser video

Eurovision Song Contest is an over the top comedy coming to Netflix in June. Netflix has been giving us its A-game during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was like they could see the future and knew we needed a variety of new and original content to keep us entertained during this time. Next on their list of big new releases is Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga coming June 26. This comedy comes along a great time for fans of the Eurovision Song Contest. The movie is fictional, but it is

Interview with Walkaway Joe star Julian Feder

Walkaway Joe hit streaming platforms recently, and fans of The Walking Dead have been waiting to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan in yet another project. Also starring with Morgan is David Strathairn and Julian Feder. The film follows Dallas (Feder) as he is searching out his pool hustler father Cal (Morgan) while he is on his quest to find his father he encounters wanderer Joe (Strathairn). Undead Walking had a chance to talk with Feder about his experience making the movie and working with Morgan. Fed

Happy Birthday to The Walking Dead’s Alpha, Samantha Morton

The Walking Dead’s Samantha Morton is celebrating a birthday, and we want to wish her a great day! Samantha Morton was cast as the villain, Alpha, on The Walking Dead in season 9. This character was much anticipated by the fans of the comics, and Morton did a bang-up job portraying the recent threat to our main group. May 13th is her birthday, and we hope she had a fantastic day. Morton was introduced to The Walking Dead world in Season 9, “Adaptation.” Her character Alpha, was the leader of a

The Big Flower Fight: Amateur gardeners compete in new Netflix series

There’s a new Tiger King project in the works, but it’s not about Joe Exotic There’s a new Tiger King project in the works, but it’s not about Joe Exotic by Bryce Olin Hamilton the musical is coming to Disney Plus in July 2020 Hamilton the musical is coming to Disney Plus in July 2020 by Cody Schultz Netflix is adding a new competition show, The Big Flower Fight, and it involves amateur gardeners pushing their floral design skills to the limit on May 18. The Big Flower Fight looks like a fu
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